• What is Hologram?
      The term of Hologram from the Greek words holos, meaning "whole," and gramma, meaning "message". A Hologram has a unique 3 Dimensional Characteristic and cannot be copied, scanned or re-printed. It cannot be re-used. A "Hologram" is not made by printing or by special kind of ink as is commonly believed, but by the sophisticated technology of "Laser Optics" and is basically used to put a check on delicacy & piracy of products and documents. Apart from Security purposes, The Holograms are also used for Brand Promotion.
  • Difference between Hologram & Sticker?
      Hologram is "Temper Evident" in nature, i.e.; once you affix it at a place / substrate and if try to peel it off the hologram containing the holographic image will be destroyed. Hence it cannot be reused. Sticker can be removed from one place and reused again.
  • What are the different kinds of Hologram?
      The key types of hologram, as defined both by their appearance and their method of origination, are:

      1. 2D - an image in the two dimensions of length and breadth, normally appearing on the plane of the hologram

      2.2D/3D - layered 2D images, in which at least one layer seems to lie behind or underneath the other

      3. 3D - an image which has the three dimensions of length, breadth and depth

      4. Stereogram - a hologram produced by recording many individual frames of a sequence of images to provide animation (see above). The original sequence may be photographic film, movie footage, video or computer graphics

      5. Dot matrix (digital) - a design comprising many tiny dots or pixels which are too small to be seen by the naked eye, each of which is a separate hologram which together create a 2D or 3D image. Dot matrix holograms are created on a computerized origination system that exposes one dot, or pixel, at a time

      6 E-beam - instead of using laser beams to record the hologram in a photo-sensitive emulsion, the very fine beam output of an electron beam generator is used to etch the pattern on the recording medium. This allows very high resolution and complex designs to be made
  • Do you offer different color Holograms?
      Yes, it can be produced in different foil colors, i.e.; Silver, Golden, Copper, Pink, Green, and Blue etc. along with many shades of multicolor foil. A customized color can also be produced if the order quantity is significant.
  • What is the smallest & largest size of Hologram?
      The Smallest size of a hologram is 10 mm X 10 mm and the largest size is 150 mm X 150 mm.
  • What are the benefits of using Hologram?
      The benefits of using Hologram in both security and non-security applications are widely recognized. The importance of adding security hologram to a document or product depends upon the magnitude of the potential loss. The required level is ascertained by examining several factors such as follows:

      1.Provide security

      2. Combats against counterfeiting

      3. Cannot be copied

      4. Actual or perceived product value

      5.Improves Consumer Brand Awareness

      6.Cannot be optically scanned by computer

      7.Assures your customers that the product is genuine and will perform as promised

      8. Ensures, maintains and enhances genuine sales

      9.Attracts attention, uplifts visual appeal by giving product packaging position visibility

      10.Cannot be reproduced with a photocopier Minimizes Document Tampering Provides

      11.Provide product Authentication

      12.Quick and Easy Optical Validation

      13.Enhances Packaging Appeal

  • Who can use the Holograms?
      Every Industry and any industry can use the Holographic products to enhance the image of their brands in the market as a genuine and authenticated brand. For your quick reference, some of the industry segments where Holograms are used very frequently are as follows:

      1. Chemicals / Detergents, Fertilizers, Seeds, Pesticides.

      2.Pharmaceutical Products.

      3.Building Material / Hardware.

      4.Fine jewelers / Watches.

      5.Aircraft / Automotive & High Technology / Engineering Spares & Machine Parts.

      6.Electrical / Electronic Appliances & Components.

      7.Sporting goods, Toys, Gifts / novelties.

      8.Recording Media (Music-Diskettes / CDs / Cassettes / Tapes / Software).

      9.Clothing Hang-tags, Branded fashion wear & Accessories.

      10.Vehicle Registration / Driving Licenses, Fare Charts.

      11.Certificates (Mark-sheets / Degree / Diplomas).

      12. Valuable / Secret/ Confidential Documents & Envelops.

      13.Security / Financial/ Surety Instruments / Bonds / Share Certificates.

      14.Books / Publications / Copyright Sales Literature.

      15.Loyalty / Reward / Vouchers, Passes.

      16.Stored value Phone Cards.

      17.Bank Cheque / Draft / Guarantees.

      18.Credit Cards / Membership/ ID cards.

      19.Computer Peripherals.

      20.Stationary Products.

      21.Automotive Components.

      22.Pass-port / Visa.

      22.Excise Revenue Stamps.

  • Do you make any other products?
      We also offer range of customized multipurpose printed paper labels which can be with or without holograms to suit various requirements. Holovision supplies a wide range of labels required by different brands for their promotion and identification needs. Our segment of labels include cosmetic labels, pharmaceutical labels, barcode labels, warranty labels, sealing labels, product labels, coupon labels, printed labels with holography and many more.
  • Why from Holovision™?
      We pledge and assure you 100% Secrecy and Security of your Holograms supplied by us and take 100% precautionary measure at all levels of our business cycle. We at Holovision™ Limited go to great lengths to ensure the security of our Holographic & Other Products so that our customers can be sure that their products are safe and secure.

      1. International Quality Standards

      2. Most advanced technology

      3.Provide High Security Design

      4.100% Guarantee of Customer Privacy

      5.Fast Production, Affordable Price with Best Service

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