Brand Protection
Nowadays, many false products are overflowed in the market and the brand name Manufacturer's loss billion dollars every year. The customer begins to concern about whether the products they bought are genuine and would choose the products with anti-counterfeit packages. Also Brand owners operating in a highly competitive consumer marketplace are continually looking for new methods of product enhancement and differentiation.

Many anti-counterfeit technologies have been used in these years. Fluorescent ink printing, thermo color ink printing, security code etc. ...........but since the invention of laser and computer, Hologram is the most popular method to anti -counterfeit. The unique visual effects of holography provide this enhanced brand impact, point of sale appeal and added perceived value to consumer products.

Holovision™ has nearly 10 years in the industry and has seen a wide variety of issues that have threatened brands. We understand the issues, the counterfeiters and the solutions and will work with you to develop a comprehensive approach to fit your needs.
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